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Beethoven Orthodontic and Implant Group has published the International Journal of Orthodontics and Implantology since 2007. The Orthodontics and Implant Dentistry eBook series is a special selection of exciting cases with interactive functions and multimedia resourse. Once opening this book, your understanding of dentistry will never be the same!




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此书分为(i)、(ii)双册,包含九篇进入世界最富声望的正畸医师学会-Angle Society之考试案例。此双册中刊载了不同类型的复杂案例,包括开颌(open bite)、上下颌前牙深覆合(deep bite)、严重的牙列拥挤(severe crowding)与不对称(asymmetry)等,将治疗前后过程完整的记录于文章中,并搭配三维研究模型、圖片、X光片与演讲影片,颠覆学习体验。 (i)册中刊载了五个案例,包含了前牙开牙合、错位尖牙及后牙锁牙合、严重拥挤伴前突的 Ⅱ 类错牙合畸形等,全部皆为非手术治疗案例。

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此书分为(i)、(ii)双册,包含九篇进入世界最富声望的正畸医师学会-Angle Society之考试案例。此双册中刊载了不同类型的复杂案例,包括开颌(open bite)、上下颌前牙深覆合(deep bite)、严重的牙列拥挤(severe crowding)与不对称(asymmetry)等,将治疗前后过程完整的记录于文章中,并搭配三维研究模型、圖片、X光片与演讲影片,颠覆学习体验。(ii)册刊载了四个案例,包含了严重深覆盖深覆牙合伴下颌切牙先天缺失、Ⅱ类伴双侧后牙锁牙合等案例。除此之外,本册中还收录了张慧男医师对于下颌牙槽外颊棚区微种植钉的临床研究,以及包括E. Roberts、Sheldon Peck、Larry White医师们的个人故事。本册推荐给想要增进诊疗品质的执业医师或是想要准备进入Angle Society学会的医师们。

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全球首本Inisignia电子书《InsigniaTM 的关键秘诀》,让医师,由简入繁,掌握最新世界趋势的数字化精准正畸。全书章节皆为华人案例,是非常适合华人医师阅读、参考的实用专书。此书分为三部分:一、为Insignia 基本实操研讨課程內容;二、利用Insignia 精准正畸的精选案例,所有案例皆通过世界认可的美国正畸学会(ABO)颁布之客观评量标准,包括牙列拥挤(crowding)、双颌前突(bimaxillary protrusion)、不对称(asymmetry) 以及结合支抗钉矫治等;三、Insignia 精准正畸在临床上常见的问题与解决方法。

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Orthodontics Vol. 1

This is a two-part, comprehensive collection of orthodontic cases, measured and finished according to the American Board of Orthodontics(ABO) standards, featuring detailed treatment process and practical clinical tips. Vol. I includes introduction of the ABO standards(DI & CRE), and treatment of Class I & II malocclusion with crossbite or deep bite issues.

Orthodontics Vol. 2

The second part of this Orthodontics series follows the same structure of the first part, containing detailed, excellently finished cases reports according to the American Board of Orthodontics(ABO) standards. Vol. II features non-surgical conservative treatment of Class III treatment, open bite, deep bite, impaction, and TADs application.

Orthodontics Vol. 3

This special Class III case report features non-surgical Class III treatment with long-term follow up results. In this book a differential diagnosis framework is proposed by Dr. John Lin to help clinicians produce accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. Rationale and detailed instructions on whole arch distalization by TADs is also included in this new case report collection.

Orthodontics Vol. 4 Part I

This two-part collection is comprised of 9 cases submitted for the entrance examination into one of the most prestigious orthodontic associations in the world, the Angle Society. Together Part I & II documented complex cases, including open bite, deep bite, severe crowding and asymmetry, from start to finish with 3D dental casts, photographs, radiographs and video presentations to enhance the learning experience. Part I includes five cases, ranging from anterior open bite malocclusion, bimaxillary protrusion to full cusp Class II malocclusion, all are treated with non-surgical approaches.

Orthodontics Vol. 4 Part II

This two-part collection is comprised of 9 cases submitted for the entrance examination into one of the most prestigious orthodontic associations in the world, the Angle Society. Part II includes four cases, including excessive overjet with congenitally missing teeth, and Class II malocclusion complicated by crossbite and impaction. In addition, it includes Chang’s recent study on the effect of buccal shelf screws. Personal stories of Dr. Edward Angle are shared by E. Roberts, Sheldon Peck and Larry White. Written with a clinical focus, Angle Case Reports is recommended for practitioners to improve treatment quality and/or to prepare for board certification.

Clinical Pearls of Orthodontics

We all know "the devil is in the details" and it's the details that distinguish real pros from the mediocre ones. This book is Dr. Chris Chang's collection of practical tips that will simplify and improve your clinical care.
All tips come with a text-based explanation as well as a video summary and high-quality graphics so it's easy for personal reading as well as for internal staff training.

Inside Insignia

Compiled by Dr. Chris Chang, the world’s leading orthodontic clini-cian and educator, Inside Insignia is composed of three parts, in-cluding an essential guide to this digital, customized bracket sys-tem, a wide collection of clinical Asian cases and detailed treatmentprocesses as well as common issues and corresponding tips, perfectfor all levels of clinicians. In addition to the expert knowledge and content, the 3D interactive features of the ebook format can furtherenhance your learning experience and improve efficiency.

Clinical Implant Dentistry

Clinical Implant Dentistry Vol. 1

Clinical Implant Dentistry is a comprehensive collection of implant and Ortho-implant combined case reports. Ortho-implant combined case reports were finished according to the American Board of Orthodontics evaluation standards.

Clinical Implant Dentistry Vol. 2

Clinical Implant Dentistry is a collection of clinical, step-by-step illustrations of common implant and Ortho-implant combined case reports and protocols. In particular Vol. II features Dr. Fernando Rojas Vizcaya's novel implant planning protocol, the 3A-2B rule and the protocol for the design and restoration of full maxillary rehabilitation with immediate implants and immediate loading protocols.


Ortodoncia Vol. 1

Ortodoncia es una colección completa de reporte de casos finalizados de acuerdo a los estándares de evaluación de la American Board of Orthodontics.

Ortodoncia Vol. 2

Ortodoncia es una colección completa de reporte de casos finalizados de acuerdo a los estándares de evaluación de la American Board of Orthodontics.

Ortodoncia Vol. 3

Este informe especial de clase III presenta un tratamiento no quirúrgico con resultados de seguimiento a largo plazo. En este librose propone un marco diagnóstico diferencial por parte del Dr. John Lin para ayudar a los clínicos a establecer diagnósticos y planes de tratamiento mas precisos. La justificación y las indicaciones detalladas sobre la distalización total de la arcada por medio de TADtambién se incluyen en esta nueva colección de reportes de casos.


Ortodontia Vol. 1

Trata-se de uma coleção abrangente, de duas partes, de casos ortodônticos, medidos e finalizados de acordo com os padrões do American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), com processo de tratamentodetalhado e dicas clínicas práticas. O Vol. I inclui a introdução dos padrões de mensuração do ABO (DI & CRE) e o tratamento das más oclusões de Classe I e II associados a mal oclusões de mordida cruzada ou mordida profunda.

Ortodontia Vol. 2

A segunda parte desta série de casos ortodonticos segue a mesma estrutura da primeira parte, com relatórios detalhados e todos com uma excelente finalização, de acordo com os padrões da American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). O Vol. II apresenta tratamento conservador não-cirúrgico de tratamentos de mal oclusões de Classe III, mordida aberta, mordida profunda, impactação e aplicação de DATs.

Ortodontia Vol. 4

Esta coleção é composta por 9 casos, submetidos para admissão numa das mais importantes associações ortodônticas do mundo, a Angle Society. Estão documentados casos complexos, incluindo de mordida aberta, mordida profunda, apinhamento severo e assimetrias, do início ao fim, com modelos dentários em 3D , fotografias, radiografias e apresentações de vídeo para melhorar a experiência de aprendizagem. Os casos variam desde uma má oclu-são de mordida aberta anterior, protrusão bimaxilar a maloclussão de Classe II completa, overjet excessivo com agenésias dentarias, euma má oclusão de Classe II complicada por mordida cruzada e impactação dentária, todos tratados com abordagens não ci-rúrgicas. Além disso, inclui o estudo recente de Chris Chang sobre oefeito de mini-implantes na linha oblíqua externa da mandíbula. Histórias pessoais do Dr. Edward Angle são compartilhadas por E.
Roberts, Sheldon Peck e Larry White. Escrito com foco clínico, o Angle Case Reports é recomendado para os profissionais melhorarem a qualidade dos seus tratamentos e / ou se prepararempara a certificação do Board.